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What is Brand Specialization Consulting?

Most brand agencies focus on making your content look and feel cool, compelling, sexy, badass, sophisticated, etc.  Which is a huge value. But we go deeper, back to the very foundational pieces of your business and thus your brand.  Here at Supertight, we teach intentional entrepreneurs to take the fast track to iconic influence by harnessing the power of specialization.  Beginning with your chosen avatar, we help you build a special world for your people, one that quickly communicates a unique value and earns their continuing devotion.

Now You Can See the Light.  That Comes from Getting Tight.

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It’s easy to begin your Supertight Journey. Sign up for one of our free bi-weekly workshops, Ten Minutes to Tight, and discover the building blocks of specialization by workshopping your own brand or business concept live. Next, choose between an upcoming course or personal coaching – see our metric to get clear on which path is best for your needs.

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Triumphs of Specialization

Mia Voss

Ellen and SuperTight Brand have made such a difference in my business and brand. Right from the start, Ellen asked clarifying questions about my “why” and my “avatar” that I had never thought to address. In addition, STB helped me keep my brand & message fresh & relevant in this fast past online world! Thank you STB!


Travel Blogger | Luxury Brand Ambassador

Paul Sigafus

Ellen has an astounding gift of helping people find the true soul of what they offer the world. Working with Ellen has not only helped me to tighten my brand — it’s lightened my heart and transformed my vision. With her skillful observation and soulful encouragement, I’ve launched courageously from one threshold into a whole new landscape of possibility. Call her now!


Therapist | Author at

Lisa White

Since listening to your webinar I’ve been thinking so much of pain points I come across in my work.. loving this new way of thinking and getting focused on remarkable solutions! Thank you Ellen!! Excited for your upcoming training.


IVF: Manifesting a Miracle

Paul Steinke

Working with Ellen completely transformed the way I saw myself and my practice. She brought laser focus to what I am most passionate about and how to brand myself out of that passion. A year later the majority of my new clients are my ideal client and I rarely get calls from people who aren’t.


MA, LPC | The Karibuni Center

Carrie McCrudden

Ellen’s Supertight Branding strategy resulted in a 21 % increase in my income within the first 90 days of working together. She is fantastic to work with and gets real results that last!

Therapist | Author

From Our Founder

Where Specialization Can Take You

I stumbled upon the incredible power of specialization by accident as a new entrepreneur, by creating an offer for a very specific audience that we got to know well:  book club readers. Within 18 months of founding the business, we were making regular appearances on local radio and TV, quickly moving on to national TV, a book deal with a major New York publisher, and consulting for the Oprah Winfrey Book Club.  This is how fast we can move when we specialize: we become the go-to expert for our chosen people because we are THE thought leader in a category we’ve created.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Here’s the truth that many business consultants seem to ignore:  by any system of measurement, 3 out of 4 new businesses will not exist in 5 years.  “Eight out of 10 entrepreneurs who start businesses will fail within the first 18 months.” –Bloomberg

Guess which one out of four survives and thrives?  The highly focused one with a tight Unique Value Proposition. Are you going to be in the vast majority that fade or the small minority that rule?

You think you have brand?

You Do. But…

You don’t have Supertight Brand if you don’t have:

  • A unique avatar for each business offer
  • A solution for a unique unsolved pain point, one that no one else has claimed.
  • An articulation that makes your solution occur as REMARKABLE
  • A name that does the heavy lifting
  • A UVP (Unique Value Proposition).  You have this or you have ULM (Unique Way to Lose Money)
  • A transformation story that thrills, activates, and engages your tribe
  • A commitment to ever-deeper LISTENING to get your avatar’s world.

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