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Yes, you can dominate your market by creating and nurturing relationships with the right people on Linkedin – and not just the “right” people, but the best people in your industry.


street city scapeYes, you can dominate your market by creating and nurturing relationships with the right people on LInkedin – and not just the “right” people, but the best people in your industry.

If you’re like many founders (gifted with both genius and generosity) that statement might make you feel both a “Hell Yeah!” and a “But what are we going to have to do?”

If you hate the idea of being salesy, spammy, or just working way too hard doing things you loathe, Fear Not.  This is the magnificent thing about this next generation of Linkedin power and potential.  

You “dominate” not by force or pressure, but by forming relationships with the people who are MOST invested in the results that your business provides.


Please Explain What the Heck is Up with LInkedin Right Now?

Our experience with many of the world’s most passionate, ambitious founders tells us a couple of things.  First, everybody’s talking about LInkedin, and secondly, most of the listeners are just a little bit lost.  “I’ve got 10,000 connections but only 2 people ‘liked’ my last post! Why is THIS the social media strategy that’s going to double my revenue or our profit?”  

Your confusion and/or skepticism is well founded.  Here’s the deal with Linkedin. It’s not so much the “hotness” of LInkedin that makes it work.  In other words, it’s not just the next social media fad.  

The “truth” of the red-hotness of LInkedin to create new business comes not so much from “posting” (like you do on FB or Insta) but in the targeting, messaging, and conversations you can have with a certain kind of person who’s open to your remarkable solution and already wants to learn more. 

  • It’s the only social network built from the ground up that its people use for BUSINESS MODE.  Not Cat Meme Mode, nor Political Silo Mode.   
  • It’s about building organic, trust-based relationships with actual human beings that create expansive economic opportunities (flowing in both directions) and exceptional value for all parties involved.  LInkedin can be used for social selling on a level that is simply not possible on any other platform. 
  • By utilizing LInkedin’s new targeting capabilities, we can help you connect with YOUR most desirable clients for much less than you now spend on Google or Facebook’s pay per click.  It’s an infinitely more precise, personal, and efficient use of your resources.
  • Reaching, connecting, and closing the right clients on Linkedin gets easier when you speak their language and can enter the conversation they are already having in their head. 

Want to have a quick discovery call where we explain more, but, miraculously, do NOT jump down your throat to buy or sign up for anything?  

We are so excited about what Linkedin has allowed us to do for our business and our clients that we love giving you the quickest, clearest picture of what Linkedin might – or might not – be able to do for your business, based on the unique dynamics of your business goals and obstacles. 

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Okay, I Get It.  But What About My Sales and Marketing Team?

How confident are you that your teams are both crystal clear on your unique value proposition, and fully equipped to share it with personal passion?

Helping your teams to learn relationship-based brand advocacy on LInkedin can be a total game changer in terms of their success – and your business profit and growth.  

You probably already know that people are 90% more likely to trust and buy from a brand recommended by a friend than one they see in an ad – that’s the phenomenon that launched the 40 billion dollar network marketing industry. 

Our system helps members of your team:

  • discover the aspects of your brand benefits that most appeal to them on a personal level.
  • find their own unique ways of expressing that central benefit as an individual.
  • learn how to reach, connect, and share their enthusiasm with new connections – who also happen to be your ideal clients.
  • make meaningful connections and begin profitable relationships without leaving the office.

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Is This Just More “Social Media Marketing”?


Social Media Marketing is about delivering content to a particular community or segment, 

Social Selling  refers to the meaningful interaction between salespeople and individual prospects. 

We’re right at the beginning of a whole new wave of social selling – and that’s not just Shiny New Object Syndrome.  

As people’s relationships begin to deeped, both with each other and what your business makes possible in their lives, their jobs become more meaningful.  

As they build their own social media profile as a leading representative of your business, they also continue to improve their own skills and reputation as a thought leader.  

A company that supports and empowers this endeavour both attracts and retains top talent.

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