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Supertight Couch Brand Promise
Discover a super-powered specialized therapy niche that builds your career, serves your favorite clients, and kills in the marketplace.


Discount price for Live Webinar Attendees 

The Regular Course Price is $2,100.

What You Get

Ten 90-minute live classes, small group format. Your class will consist of you and up to 9 other smart, kind, ambitious therapists.

One hour personal 1:1 coaching with Ellen to delve deeper into your unique offer of help.

Lifetime membership in YOUR class’s FaceBook Supertight Couch support group, so you can stay in touch with others who aim for the top ten percent.

Course curriculum workbook with ALL 8 steps of the Supertight Couch Brand Promise Architecture at your fingertips’ reference for your brand’s life & legacy.

No graduation until proof of concept: sorry, we won’t let go until you’re a Supertight Couch specialized focus. That’s our guarantee.

Having worked with hundreds of the most passionate, driven, and divinely unique therapists from around the globe, we know what it takes to get every single piece of your brand concept and articulation tight enough to compete first in your local market, and then on the world class stage. This becomes increasingly important in the highly competitive therapy market that is getting fuller every single day. In order to build your full-fee private practice, you need a specialized focus that allows you to start expanding your reputation as one of the leading sources of a very particular kind of help.

Register for our next class and reap the benefits of our fun, ambitious, visionary ecology: you’ll love the feedback you get from some of the sharpest, kindest, and most original healers in the digital space.
With our live class format, you’ll get in person coaching from founder Ellen Melko Moore, along with her support and leadership in one of our safe, intimate, and much beloved Facebook Groups.

What do I get from the Course?

A Specialized World We Build for Your One-of-a-Kind Tribe

Your Ideal Business/Life Vision

Time to Play God.

If you could have the practice and the life you most want to lead, what would it be like?

Your Target Market and Brand Avatar

Build a World for YOUR Special People.

Many therapists specialize in “couples,” or “children,” or “young adults,” but we go deeper than demographics in our discovery work to determine the kind of people and problems that motivate your work.

Your Flava

Brand Values and Personality That Cut Like a Sword and Sing Like a Siren.

More and more therapists are discovering that you can go a long way past the standard professional basics (safety, excellent care) when it comes to expressing your real purpose and personality.

Your Competition

Create a Category That Puts You Above and Beyond.

Getting a good look at the entire field (both local and national) helps you craft a specialization that speaks to your people right where they are.

Your Heroes

Let Your Personal Heroes Help You Design a Game Changing Brand.

First, the people, characters, and stories that have motivated you. Next, create your most desirable clients as your new heroes to take them on a true adventure of transformation.

Your UVP

You Either Have a UVP (Unique Value Proposition). Or You Don’t.

This is just as true for therapists as it is for every other offer of help in a service-based industry. You either have that unique value proposition or you have a unique way to lose money.

Your Mission and Vision

A Mission That Clarifies, a Vision That Compels.

Mission helps you stay on purpose. Vision helps you get out of bed on the hard days. Together, they form a powerful tool that keeps you, your clients, and your collaborators aimed in the most inspiring direction.

Your Brand Promise

What You Promise to Deliver is your Unique GOLD.

A brand promise is simply this: what you promise to deliver to your clients each and every time. Every single choice you face in your business can be tested by this standard.

The Brand Promise

Live Course -OR- 1:1 Consulting?

We get it: your money is precious, your time is limited, and for most of us this is a big, big decision.

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