Fear of a Stuffed Planet: How A Solopreneur Can Master the Marketplace with The Holy Trinity of Supertight Brand

Apr 7, 2018

Greetings, Mission-Minded Solopreneurs!

For all those of you about to conquer the marketplace, we salute you.

And for all those of you feeling lost and overwhelmed, you are in the right place.

We get it. It’s pretty f*cking scary out there sometimes, isn’t it?

In today’s ever more crowded marketplace (10 new heart-centered solopreneurs just created digital platforms in the time since you started reading this blog! Aggggghhhhh! ), the competition for overstrained eyeballs and limited attention spans just keeps getting a bit more intense.

Here at Supertight Brand, we help our clients create highly specialized and compelling offers, helping them make the jump from the mosh pit of competition into the slightly more elevated platform of thought leader who has created a new market category (which, I’m not gonna lie, will become a mosh pit as soon as others try to follow your brilliant example. But you were first, and that means something. Just ask iphone).

Here’s the basics of how this works. Let’s say you’re a health coach in a crowded space like my home state of Colorado. Your name is Jamie. We have a lot of very healthy people here, and I think possibly even more people teaching this group to be healthier: our state literally creaks with fitness and nutrition professionals hoisting their unique patented pilates and paleo solutions.

Back in the ancient pioneer days of 2012, so long as you (Jamie) were fit and appealing and had a cool sounding name, you could pretty much get away with entering this marketing place and scraping up a healthy crop of clients with some decent persistent effort. But friends, it is not 2012, Not No More, and so brand new “health coaches” are wise to play a tighter game.

Which means more specialized. Which means creating a new category, with you at the top as a visionary thought leader in your industry.

Enter the Supertight Holy Trinity.

A basic model of the typical market triad, except we’ve spruced it up a bit for our own brand purposes. Yep. Brand agencies will totally do sh*t like that when you’re not looking.

So there’s three places to look as you consider how you can create a specialized offer.

1) The Specific Person. It’s generally easiest to start with the AVATAR, or a Specific Person. This is sometimes called a Persona, sometimes called an Ideal Client/Customer. This is a character you create who will exemplify your favorite kind of client. As a good health coach, you could work with anybody, but let’s create a couple of sample ideal clients and see who you really like.

Women? Sure, but again, if you look out in the world, there are plenty of health coaching offers for women. Let’s go tighter, more specialized than that.

How about older women, women 50 years old and older? Excellent. What kind of older women? Well, you already know that the program you offer is going to be fairly pricey to be truly effective, so let’s create an avatar who is a wealthy older woman of 50+. You also know that your solution is going to be based partially on Ayurvedic principles, so your Avatar needs to be someone who is open to Eastern alternatives. We’ll name this individual Carrie.

We’ll need to find a way to put this offer (after we finish designing it) in front of a lot of Carries.

2) Distinct Breakdown. Next, as a health coach, what’s the breakdown (need/desire) you want to address. Uh. . . lack of health? Duh. Yes, fair ‘nuff, but let’s look for more specific pain points that will bother Carrie. Since we all know women in this culture don’t have a ton of perceived value once they slip past their sell-by date, probably she’s going to be concerned about her weight and her skin. And another crap thing about getting older as a woman is you often start to have real issues with your energy level and your sleep. Sigh. But this is good news for our Jamie, as she actually has a solution to the Triple Crown of Aging Women: Fat, Wrinkly, and Tired. Our health coach Jamie happens to be 63, but she looks way better than most of us do at 36.

3) Remarkable Solution. Jamie’s wonderfully youthful appearance (unaltered by surgical supplementation) is already a huge asset for her program. But we also want to choose a name that does some heavy lifting. This incredible offer needs to sound tempting for those Carries who hear the name of Jamie’s company or program before they see Jamie’s face and body.

The basic premise of Jamie’s work is that aging is a mistake our bodies make due to over-domestication. (Hey, that’s starting to sound like a pretty sweet tagline). Jamie’s program teaches her Carries to “ditch the habits of domestication” that are hurting them, such as eating their big meal or spending too much time on screens at the end of the day.

She wants these women to get closer to the rhythms of the natural world–cause at the end of the day, nature is always, always going to win, and we can have all the feelings and opinions we want about modern life, but nature will prevail whether we like it or not.

The cool thing about Jamie is, yes, she’s a master yoga teacher. Yes, she does live in a house in the mountains. But she also is practical and fun and loves makeup and delicious clothes, so we need a name that signifies she doesn’t take her Earth Mother side too seriously.

What about Women Gone Wild as a basic name for her offer?

As we come back around the circle, we learn some more things about Carrie, as well, Our avatar is also a woman who appreciates a sense of humor. She’s someone who’s interested in a more complex relationship between the modern urban woman and the ancient goddesses of the forest, and would appreciate Jamie as a bridge between those two familiar archetypes.

We’re not done with this brand yet. Still quite a bit to do to put it all together. But we have already turned Jamie from a typical highly qualified health coach to a thought leader in the area of women and aging, and how to address the fundamental underlying breakdowns that contribute to something no one likes but that we all, except Jamie, take somewhat for granted.

Can Jamie deliver on her promise to help women “Go Wild, Grow Young?” I know Jamie, and I’ve seen the results of her work, so I’m betting yes.

Now, for the rest of you. How can you use the Holy Trinity of Supertight Brand to start tightening up your own offer?

Check out our video on YouTube to watch some other solopreneurs go around the Trinity, and find out how to get hands- on Supertight Brand help for your offer.

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