Finding the Perfect FUB: Harness This Success Secret as Practiced by Visionary Entrepreneur Mia Voss

May 12, 2018

Supertight Brand has a friend who is a relentless beast with a killer nose for finding the FUB.

This skill has made him a very, very wealthy man, with a string of successful businesses to his credit. He is a founder, a collaborator, a partner, and an investor in the ridiculously successful businesses of many other people, and while like other human beings he occasionally makes mistakes in prediction (if this didn’t happen every so often we would be 100% positive he is a Cyborg – as it is, we are fairly sure it’s a possibility), he doesn’t guess wrong too often.

I asked him if he would share any secrets of his success, and he was kind enough to oblige (I’m thinking he probably shares more intimate info with Warren Buffett, but we’re grateful for all shards of Wisdom Gems from this particular source). Like any man or woman of mastery, he’s got several major tenets to his philosophy, but my personal favorite is how he’s always looking for the FUB.

Forgive me, fellow devotees of Urban Dictionary, but I thought the only definitions of FUB were pejorative and personal, in the line of Fat Ugly Bitch or Fat Useless Bastard. But no, turns out the FUB is a simple yet handy business measure that helps assess an entrepreneurial venture’s UVP, or Unique Value Proposition. Sorry, I know it’s getting really acronym-y in here, but I’ll try to get us in and out quick.

The FUB factor is looking for a service or product that is First, Unique, or Best. Ideally, of course, you hope your concept is all three, but in case that isn’t possible, as Tony Robbins has already invented personal development and Gary Vaynerchuk has already perfected yelling at millennials to get them out of Startup conventions and back to doing actual work, you may not be able to hit the First mark – and truly, not many of us do.

Most of our “firsts” are in fact, a specialized, refined, or improved version of something someone else managed to put together before we came along, and that is just fine. That’s actually pretty much the story of almost everything anyone has ever invented throughout human history – despite what Entrepreneur magazine might encourage us to believe, the pure inventor is a pretty unusual unicorn.

By specializing and refining, we can do more than just be a “first” – with a truly new version of a previous option we can meet the needs or desires of a particular group of people and change their world, perhaps offer them a future they hadn’t even begun to consider. I think, for example, of my friend and colleague Mia Voss, who is always inventing FUBS in between glasses of Prosecco. She wasn’t the first to invent the concept of social media influencer, but she was the first to create a board of influencers in her particular field. She wasn’t the first to make money as a luxury travel ambassador with swanky cars, but she was the first to concentrate on how those cars appeal to women.

Therefore, you can pretty much always count on Mia to bring the F.U. to the people. Yes, you really, really can.

And she doesn’t shirk on the “B” part of the equation either, since she’s always looking for a way to bring the Best of luxury lifestyle, travel, fun, and adventure to her specific audience. She knows her people better than any other “Influencer” I have encountered, and her fans are never, ever, far from her thoughts or her business choices. Which is why both the number AND the engagement of her followers keeps increasing.

Having gone to the trouble of creating a special world just for them, she protects their interests intensely, including turning down partnership opportunities that might be crazy lucrative for her, but a potential loss for the people who trust her. She knows some Un-FUB nonsense when she sees it, despite the efforts of certain parties who would like access to her devoted audience.

This is a quality she shares in common with the gentleman I discussed earlier. He knows better than to pretend he sees FUB when there is no real FUB on offer. No matter how important the people, nor how shiny the offer. Money and Power are darn helpful things to have on your side, but they are no guarantor of true FUB.

How about you and your business offer, your partnerships, and your investment plans for the future? How much FUB you got in your wallet?

In what ways are you (or are you not) standing for the First, the Unique, or the Best? Where do you tend to be vulnerable to those who might try to convince you otherwise?

This is nothing to be ashamed of – we all have our liabilities. Some of us are easily lured by shiny objects – the tantalizing power promised by big names, or by those who know how to dangle a big sexy future in front of our captive, impact-craving eyes. Others of us are tempted by promises of security or certainty, or swayed by impressive numbers or stats.

And here’s a little bitch slap of truth that may ruffle the feathers of the feminists among us – myself included – the transactional choices of many female entrepreneurs are beset and besieged by issues of interpersonal relationships. We get into business with our friends; we become friends with those with whom we do business. Then we talk ourselves into believing in promises that can never materialize (because we like this person) and talk ourselves out of ending business arrangements that cost far, far too much in terms of energy.

I’m not saying, of course, that women are the only ones who have trouble with the mix of business and friendship – rather that as the more deeply social of the sexes, we have a tendency to jump in quicker and stick around longer in deals that would have many guys either proceed with caution or hit the ghost button with barely a qualm.

In her quest to improve the digitally connected world for her particular FUBs (female, male, and animal), Mia Voss has taken more than her share of hard knocks to the heart, sharp pokes to her brand, and big hits to her mission. She’s been online connecting for longer than anyone I know (when the internet was invented, there were just two people on it: Mia Voss and Al Gore).

But Mia has that basic bone-deep FUB drive that powers all true entrepreneurs. With every shift that comes in platform or practice, she keeps her eye on the true source of “expert” status, the trust she engenders in her people. As a luxury travel ambassador representing women seeking kickass adventure, she can afford to feature only the firsts, the onlys, and the bests her unique people are seeking. She can’t afford to pander to anybody else.

So, now. What about you? What FUB will you claim and cultivate? How will you communicate this in your very own Supertight Brand? How deep will you go to get the world of your ideal client or customer, and bring them the FUB they are looking for?

I’ve been studying, teaching, and practicing in the world of intentional entrepreneurship for almost 20 years, and here’s what I know: those who rise, those who last, and those who blast past the competition by creating their own category of expertise, are those who seek, find, and love the FUB.

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