Hip Hop Star Drake (Unintentionally) Gives Great Advice to Women Entrepreneurs

Mar 4, 2016

So here’s the thing. I’m not saying that Drake did mean for these lyrics to inspire us as women in the marketplace, and I’m not saying he didn’t. I’m just saying, Ladies, no matter what Drake intended, let’s consider these poignant words from “Make Me Proud,” a duet Drake did a few years back with Nicki Minaj:

“I like a woman with a future and a past

Little attitude problem all good, it’ll make the shit last

Don’t make it too easy, girl, don’t take it too fast

Yeah, that’s it right there, that’s it, do it just like that

Only you can do it just like that.”

Ladies. Friends. I love you purpose-driven, mission-minded, service-oriented, vibrationally-aligned entrepreneurs, you conscious capitalists, you sustainable future crusaders. I love you; I appreciate you, and I beg you to give me just a little tiny bit of “attitude problem” in your brand. Like the man said, it’s all good and it’ll make the shit last.

Drake knows what sells.

This can be true for the gents as well. But the ladies almost always have a much harder time with this, massively socialized as we are to “be nice,” to “get along,” and to “be appropriate.”

For women, being edgy can be just one more form of potentially dangerous vulnerability. Which makes sense. Because back in the day being “edgy” usually ended up in someone—someone with a vagina—getting tied to a dunking chair.

I have this same agitation—I got really nervous last month about a joke I made on Facebook about Mercury in Retrograde being like a person who has her period All The Time. (What if I’m unintentionally offending people who might actually have constant periods??!! That would really suck. Will people with constant periods hate me? Will people who are really into Mercury Retrograde hate me for associating it with perpetual menstruation??!!)

But, nonetheless. All I’m saying is I like a brand—be it personal or organizational—that’s got a little bit of bite. I think we all do. I’m not saying you have to be out there attacking people or their politics, or their gluten choices. Most of us would prefer you have the balls/ovaries to save your attacks for private interaction. There’s a fine line between speaking your truth and just being a butthole.

However. Please cut us a break on all the uniform glossy marketing of the female commodity spiritual success culture where everyone has that one same hairstyle (you know the one I’m talking about) and is talking about vulnerability but not actually showing any. 

This is the house Brené Brown built, folks, and she knows the difference. Like Santa Claus, she knows when you are sleeping and she knows when you are vulnerable. And so do you.

That Drake song is a few years old, but it’s still my favorite articulation of this concept. Still, if you’re a stickler for fresher material, I give you Jason Derulo’s latest hit for inspiration:

“Get Ugly.”

Not so ugly you’re like Mecury in Retrograde All the M*thaf*ckin Time. Bitch, please.

But a few brief dashes of Ugly to season all The Pretty makes us turn our heads as we catch a tantalizing glimpse of something real and gritty under all your shine.

One last caveat to add: a few years ago I read a great article in a parenting magazine about a woman who put her foot down and refused to watch her children every time they wanted her to witness their new achievement or performance. When they’d come to her begging, “Watch me be Batman!” she would ask, “Is it short and well-rehearsed?”

And then she would abstain from watching until her kids said it was. Which she believed was a valuable experience for both her and her children.

Whatever your opinions on this method of childrearing (or of Drake or Jason Derulo), I recommend you take on the mantra “short and well-rehearsed” for all your public sharing of your personal and/ or business brand.

Asking your social media “friends” to peruse all your lengthy unrehearsed Batman skits where you cry a lot in the middle about how your Batmobile broke and you don’t know why the Universe hates you, or rant tirelessly about how some rival superhero stepped on your cape, well, you’re really asking people to work pretty hard for you.

And if they could tell you the truth, and if you could listen, they’d say it’s really nice when you just sum it up for them in one or two pithy sentences. And then your crying and ranting and having an attitude problem can be not only “vulnerable,” but also “valuable.”

Because now we can connect with both your gritty realness and your considerate brevity. Oh, you Sexy Thing. Come closer.

And that’s your Supertight Brand Bitch Slap of The Day.

Yes, I did say butthole.

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