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When I found Ellen I was at a transition point in my business. I had been running a successful business for 3 years without any marketing or business developments efforts behind it-everything had been done on word of mouth. I was ready to start putting some intentional yet simple marketing efforts into what I did and help my business to “ grow up.” I had just gotten a draft of my website design back and hated it. I initially went to Ellen to help me refine my current brand in a simple way that I could translate into a revised website design.

The process that Ellen took me through was was life changing. Ellen helped me to really realize my own skills and how those translated into my work. Then, Ellen opened my eyes to how the market saw my offer and how to consider framing what I do to fit the market. This change of perspective was the crux of how the changes I made in my business started to change my life.

As a result of walking through the Super Tight process I went through an entire re-brand of my business including a name change. During the re-brand of my business I went through a bit of a personal discovery process as well. I feel like both my business and myself are more mature now. When I pitch my business now I have language to use, a frame work to follow and a new way to present my offer. This has given me more confidence to look for business in ways and in places that I wouldn’t have before and I feel like my business is a reflection of who I really am and is the solution to my ideal client’s headache.

Erin Rist

Owner and Lead Designer

“My business is in a different place today thanks to a mind set shift that Ellen and her process provided for me!”

Sharon Pohl Walsh

Semi Green Thumb

Ellen is the most wicked smart person I know. When I realized what she did for a living it shed light on the issues I had with my business.

Three years ago, I was a small time landscaper in Chicago willing to help anyone with any aspect of their garden. While people liked my eagerness to say “yes”, it also meant that I wasn’t being honest with myself about what I loved to do and what I was really good at. It also meant I had thrown out a large net, only wanting a handful of the fish, and reluctantly eating them all. How about that for a metaphor?

Working with Ellen taught me to catch and release. The process of discovery lead me to realized I most enjoyed teaching people how to plant and care for their own container gardens. While a little bit of manual labor is fine, I really love encouraging people to work with new and exotic plants and to confidently plant their own gardens, even if it’s little outside their comfort zone.

I am now a more confident and precise small business owner. I don’t take on jobs that are too time consuming and that take away from other clients or my personal life. I am able to provide a higher level of customer service and am more trusted by my clients. Most importantly, I know exactly what I do. I help people plant container gardens. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Sharon Pohl Walsh

Container Garden Specialist, Chicago

Kristen Hick

Center for Shared Insight

I first met with Ellen of Supertight Branding almost five years ago when I first moved to Denver from Chicago. Having practiced in community mental health and group practices before, I was stubborn about staying loyal to my generalist training and background – “come one, come all, I can help you!” It was previously a benefit in the larger practices where it helped me to have a breadth of knowledge and experience, rather than a small niche where I would be passed over when referrals came through the intake department.

I quickly learned that Denver was a different market, and owning my own practice was a different animal. Instead of being reliant on insurance referrals, I was now relying on my online presence and my message. Ellen helped me realize that my one size fits all message that I thought would catch anyone, was missing everyone.

The process of working with Ellen was two-fold. The first part was helping me identify “my people.” After seven years in the field, Ellen helped me realize that the common denominator of the clients I felt I helped the most and felt the best helping were mid-twenties to mid-forties men and women who struggled to find healthy long-term partnerships because they had not done the healing within themselves. She helped me see that I wanted to help them heal, strengthen and transform their most essential relationship – the one with themself – to attract, create and nurture healthy romantic relationships with others.

The second part involved helping me deal with the common “condition” Ellen sees helping professionals deal with when they get Supertight with their niche – anxiety – and oh man, was there a lot of that at first. Ellen was a great coach to help me move through this, knowing it was temporary. When the calls started coming in, I felt better at the end of each clinical day helping the clients I wanted to work with, and it didn’t hurt that I was surpassing all of my new-to-private-practice-colleagues. The anxiety quickly faded into joy, relief, and confidence.

Figuring out “my people” helped everything else fall into place. It gave me a direction of where and what to blog about (I started blogging on dating and relationships for a local mindful online dating site) and how to focus my website content to speak directly to my ideal clients and their pain, needs, and desires. Working more and more with my ideal clients provided ideas for more blogs, because I could connect more closely to their struggles and their questions. The truth is, I still got calls from clients with other presenting concerns, such as pregnancy and postpartum anxiety and depression, trauma, anxiety and depression, but because I gave referral sources and potential clients something to connect with, they called anyway.

Within about two and a half years I began using a waitlist for clients I did not have space to see as a full time psychologist. As a note, this was pretty unheard of amongst colleagues who have self-pay practices, especially this early on and was a real indicator of how getting my brand right helped me. soon , I began considering whether it was time to hire a psychologist to join my practice. I knew Ellen was the person I needed to help me strategize the branding and message around this new puzzle piece.

My vision expanded to become a practice where all the psychologists practiced from an attachment-oriented perspective – focusing on healing the early and ongoing relational experiences that contributed to the present difficulty with relationships, dating, divorce, pregnancy, trauma, addiction, etc. I will admit that it became clear to me that our initial rebranding of an attachment-based group practice was difficult to speak to in blogs, website content and social media because I was not speaking to clients. Our ideal clients did not know what attachment is or why it’s important. Ellen helped me stick with the original branding, but to ever-so-slightly tweak it to “Dating, Relationships, and Beyond.” This would allow us to speak to the issues that come with relationships and that can negatively affect relationships.

Today, about four and a half years after my initial work with Ellen and three months after hiring my first psychologist, our practice is flourishing. We moved into a larger, nicer office suite, my caseload continues to be full, and my associate’s is about half full and growing. I cannot speak highly enough of Ellen’s Supertight Branding help, which was essential in making Center for Shared Insight what it is today.

Kristen Hick, Psy.D.

Licensed Psychologist and Director