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All righty, Supertight Brand. You love me and my light; you want me to get my sh*t tight. Who are you and what do you do here?
We are brand concept specialization expert Ellen Melko Moore and digital platform director Mark Fewsmith, of Denver Colorado. We work with intentional, mission-minded entrepreneurs who want to have big impact, make sweet money, and ease the world along to a better place. Our focus is what we call brand concept specialization. Which means we help our intentional entrepreneurs create leading edge categories of specialized offers of help, guiding them to step OUT of the glut of local competition and step UP to world-class thought leader influence.
I’ve already done a lot of business development and/or brand-marketing work on my business. Maybe I’ve participated in programs from the likes of Tony Robbins, Marie Forleo, or Gary Vaynerchuk. Perhaps I’ve joined networking clubs such as 3 To 5, or taken classes from the SBA or SCORE. Could be that I’ve already drained some of my 401K to pay for high level marketing systems or “Can’t Miss” Facebook Ads. What am I going to get at SuperTight Brand that is so special or different?
The typical entrepreneur coming into one of Supertight Brand’s workshops, courses, or consulting has already spent an average of $15K on business development and/or marketing guidance, so we get it. What you most likely learned in those programs is how to go from being a master-level practitioner of some kind to thinking, behaving, and transacting like a real business owner. Which you should be proud of, because many, many wannabe entrepreneurs never make that jump.

Think of it like this: this entrepreneurial education is the ground level of what it takes to build a business – a business, which, by definition, aims to be profitable. The rest of your business is a house – the floor, the walls, the windows, the roof of your structure. The only problem is your business house might be missing one essential feature, the real key to success: The Foundation. The foundation of ANY successful business is what is often called a UVP (Unique Value Proposition) and the best way for a new business offer to build a rock solid UVP is to specialize. Unless you have highly unusual resources (huge budget, huge platform, big name, big friends, giant engaged network), specialization is the speediest, easiest way to build a brand story that naturally compels instead of having to sell. It’s the fast track to real momentum, expanding impact, and lasting legacy as a visionary (pick your favorite!) guru/go-to-expert/thought leader/influencer/sparkle rainbow unicorn.

Since you’re so specialized and all, who am I? Do you know who I am? Do you know what I’ve been through to get here? I’m guessing from your tone that Supertight Brand is not for every small business owner or aspiring Fast Company-style entrepreneur.
It is most certainly is not. The foundation of everything we do at Supertight is to teach our clients and students how to GET THE WORLD OF and BUILD A WORLD FOR for their highly unique target audience, and within that target, for a super special snowflake avatar/ideal client. So we would be pretty damn hypocritical if we didn’t bother to create borders and boundaries that keep our ideal clients/students safely INand keep those with other mindsets, aims, and offers OUT.

Our ideal client/student is an extremely ambitious, highly intelligent, irrationally kind intentional entrepreneur with a service-based offer in either personal or business transformation: a healer, a coach, a teacher, a therapist, or a next-level business expert serving those with such offers (wealth planner, graphic artist, social media influencer). 66% chance she’s female, 33% male, and then there’s the 1% that might go either way. This person has mastery-level expertise (not joking about those 10,000 hours) and a lifelong passion for service. This is not somebody who took a coaching certification class last Tuesday and is now totally ready to blow the doors off the personal development industry. She or he most likely has done graduate level work in her field (whether or not this work was at a traditional institution of learning) and she/he has a former professional life in the corporate world or academia – having escaped from that world because she/he is one of those people who needs freedom even more than she/he needs security.

You’ve said elsewhere you can’t afford to take anyone but the future success stories. How can you tell who’s going to succeed?
Yes, we’ve discussed our ideal client/student’s past, but what’s more important is her/his future. The thing is, something about this person has made our Supertighter virtually unemployable, or in other words, a real entrepreneur. In the small/new service-based business world, there are practitioners, there are business owners, and then there’s the truly unusual animal – the entrepreneur – you can identify her/him because there’s a certain type of mindset (either innate or acquired) you’ll see faithfully demonstrated in consistent behavior. This person sees money spent on business as an investment, not an expense. This person has a fairly high emotional pain tolerance and can handle quite a bit of rejection/oblivion because she/he’s playing the long game, not the short grab. She/he is sophisticated enough to build a team: interns, colleagues, employees, power partners, trusted advisors – you don’t see that “Why Yes! I AM Good At Everything!” thinking from this kind of leader. Oh, and here’s a crazy thing that she/he can do that some of us may have forgotten to value in our anxiety to succeed: the Supertight Entrepreneur listens. She/he listens, analytically, she/he listens empathically, she/he never falls too in love with her/his own ideas so is always ready and willing to pivot as the market shifts and makes new demands.

Most of all, she/he has crossed The Rubicon and cannot go back -whatever it takes, whatever it takes, whatever it takes. Late night dreams of world-changing impact haunt her/his sleep, and that voice, that voice. It just won’t shut up. It just won’t go away.

Oh, and obviously if she/he’s comfortable with us, there’s probably a dark sense of humor and a certain joie de vivre lurking beneath the surface, plus a notable lack of general entitlement. Our Supertight Entrepreneur lives for the mission, but knows how dangerous it is to take one’s personal mission too seriously. She/he is not an “I, I, I” but a “We.” In other words, not an amateur, not a narcissist. Again, we just can’t afford it.

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Where Do I Belong?

Workshop, Course, Consulting - What’s the Best Choice for Me? How do I get the most out of my dollar and my participation?

We teach the simple 3-Step method to Supertight Brand Concept Specialization in our free workshop, “10 Minutes to Tight.” Give us any entrepreneurial offer in the world to put in our hot seat, and we’ll demonstrate how to get it sleeker, tighter, sexier in just one sixth of an hour. The subtitle for this workshop is “The Gateway Drug to Next Level Business Success” because that’s what happens when you get just a taste of what specialization does to your business story. We host that live workshop every two weeks, it’s free, and it’s a great way to get the world of what we do here and see if you want to drink the Kool-Aide.

If you’re thinking, “Okay, got that, but I’ve got a deadline. My bottom line needs to improve NOW,” then let us help you get the distinctions of the course vs. 1:1 personal consulting.

The Brand Promise Architecture Course


  • You get the support/guidance of your classmates: We create an atmosphere of truth and trust that gives you qualified feedback faster than you can get from the marketplace and more reliable than you got from that one friend who has never had a super successful business.
  • If you need to miss a class it’s not a problem. All classes are recorded, and all recordings are available in perpetuity for you to watch when you return.
  • You don’t graduate until you can articulate a specialized brand offer that thrills all of us: me, you, AND your classmates. We can tell whether or not it really thrills them or if they’re just being polite, because if they are truly excited they will share it out in the world.


  • It’s a group setting, so you don’t get as much individualized attention or personal time with Ellen. If you’ve got what seems like a fairly complex, unusual, or first generation offer, if you are moving in an extremely competitive market, you might need that highly specific guidance and it would be better to bite the bullet.
  • We discuss the exact nature of your services and your names/taglines in the course, but we don’t spend as much focused time on each student’s detailed articulation as we do in 1:1 coaching. However, it should also be noted that your class’s Facebook group will be happy to lend a hand in that endeavour. And since we aim for a certain kind of RFS (Really F***ing Smart) in our class composition, this is more AP-level help than you will find on the wider world of the interweb.
  • The next course starts and ends when it starts and ends. These courses are currently live, so you have to go at the group pace. If you’re in a hurry for any reason, you may do better with the schedule we can create for you as an individual.

The Brand Promise Discovery Package
1:1 Personal Consulting


  • You got me all to yourself. Again, if you’ve got a complex offer, or an offer in an extremely competitive market, you may need this level of highly individualized attention to create a compelling offer that meets your aims and pays for your dreams.
  • There are two additional steps we cover in detail in the 1:1 personal consulting package:
    • Designing your services to distinguish between basic and premium, to shape the offer so it’s the best possible value for your client and the most fun/rewarding for you to deliver.
    • Working on names/phrases for your offers, taglines, URLs, even your business name. We discuss the importance of “heavy lifting” names in class and give examples, but most of the “name choosing” happens in the Facebook Group with the class at large.


  • Personal consulting is twice as expensive. Which again, may be the major con that counts right now.
  • You could miss out on the camaraderie a special group of highly gifted and qualified classmates can provide. Entrepreneurship, particularly of the solopreneur variety, can be lonesome, so it’s fun to be with others who really, really get it.

Still not sure what’s right for you? Contact Ellen for a free personal consultation to discuss your unique needs, wants, and deepest desires. She promises to get all “divine love source” on your uncertainty.

I still don’t know exactly what my business offer is, so I am thinking I should wait and get branding once I have figured all of that out on my own.
Dear God, please, No, please don’t do that. We get it, because that’s the traditional world of brand/marketing: you figure it all out and then come to us to make you look and sound good. But here at Supertight we are happy to take you before you’ve got the whole thing conceived and articulate. In fact, that can be a really, really rich time. That’s because we are here to help you design/create a specialized offer for a client who’s very special to you, that foundational piece of the floor, and honestly, sometimes it goes better with someone who doesn’t already know everything. We are here to work on the story of your offer, to help you create a paradigm-shattering narrative for a highly selective maverick community, and that type of design often goes best when it doesn’t all happen inside the insular walls of our own little minds. In other words, as Ellen says, “I don’t coach myself on brand concept, because the end result would probably suck big eggs compared to what happens in the listening of a brilliant mentor.”

Still not sure if you’re “tight” enough for Supertight? This would be a good time to schedule a free personal consultation to find out if you’re ready. If you really need more time out on your own to noodle, or we see that you’ve got some other training/healing to address before you take on the world, we’ll tell you. Again, we simply can’t afford you if you’re not ready.