Personal Consulting

  The Brand Promise discovery package.


What You Get

Ten 90 minute live coaching sessions with Ellen Melko Moore

Lifetime membership in our Supertight Superstars Alumnae Facebook Group

Your Brand Promise “10 Steps to Supertight” Master Guide: At Your Fingertips Reference for Your Brand’s Life and Legacy

Whether your intentional offer is brand new, or you’re re-designing an existing mission-minded offer, you’re clear on one thing: this is the business that must deliver on your dreams. The majority of Supertight Brand clients and students have paid an average of $15K on business consulting, purpose coaching, or marketing programs before they join Supertight Brand, before they discover the real, raw power of a highly specialized offer we create through our work.

True, this previous study and practice has taught many of our master-level practitioners to become real profitable business owners, which is a huge, huge deal. But still, they are not enjoying the pure adrenalized momentum and next-level success that only a specialized offer from the Go-To Expert can provide.

Personal Coaching is your choice if you just can’t afford to miss the mark on any level, especially if your concept is complex, unusual, and leading edge category.

What do I get from 1:1 Consulting?

The Most Detailed Articulation Of Your Supertight Brand Concept

Your Ideal Business/Life Vision

Time to Play God.

Your Target Market and Brand Avatar

Build a World for YOUR Special People.

Your Flava

Brand Values and Personality That Cut Like a Sword and Sing Like a Siren.

Your Competition

Create a Category That Puts You Above and Beyond.

Your Heroes

Let Your Personal Heroes Help You Design a Game Changing Brand.

Your UVP

You Either Have a UVP (Unique Value Proposition). Or You Don’t.

Your Mission and Vision

A Mission That Clarifies, a Vision That Compels.

Your Brand Promise

What You Promise to Deliver is your Unique GOLD.

Your Services

The Bread and Butter Offer, The Elite Level Mastery Options.

Your Name and Tagline

Let a Heavy Lifting Name Do Your Marketing Work.

The Brand Promise

1:1 Consulting -OR- Live Course?

We understand. If you’re like many of our clients and graduates, you’ve already spent more money and time on your business concept and development than you had anticipated. What we can tell you is that if you are an incredibly ambitious, scary-smart, and potentially insanely generous entrepreneur, you’ve probably come to the right place.

We truly don’t want your money if we aren’t the right fit for your game-changing aims, and we won’t accept you for course or consulting if we don’t see a real probability for changing your world and THE world. Not to be asshats, but we just can’t afford to release mediocre business offers into an overcrowded market – it dilutes (i.e. “screws up”) our brand.

Call or send us a message to find out what Service is right for you.