Case Study

Tickled Pink Productions


Word-of-Mouth Beginnings

When I found Ellen, I was at a transition point in my business. I had been running a successful business for 3 years without any marketing or business developments efforts behind it-everything had been done on word of mouth. I was ready to start putting some intentional yet simple marketing efforts into what I did and help my business to “grow up.” I had just gotten a draft of my website design back and hated it. I initially went to Ellen to help me refine my current brand in a simple way that I could translate into a revised website design.


Kicking It Up a Notch

The Transformation

The process that Ellen took me through was was life changing. Ellen helped me to really realize my own skills and how those translated into my work. Then, Ellen opened my eyes to how the market saw my offer and how to consider framing what I do to fit the market. This change of perspective was the crux of how the changes I made in my business started to change my life.

The result

As a result of walking through the Super Tight process I went through an entire re-brand of my business including a name change. During the re-brand of my business I went through a bit of a personal discovery process as well. I feel like both my business and myself are more mature now. When I pitch my business now I have language to use, a frame work to follow and a new way to present my offer. This has given me more confidence to look for business in ways and in places that I wouldn’t have before and I feel like my business is a reflection of who I really am and is the solution to my ideal client’s headache.


“Before I met Ellen and went through the Supertight Process I was playing small in my little business and couldn’t even see through the weeds enough to identify the next steps I could and needed to take to grow my business up. My business is in a different place today thanks to a mind set shift that Ellen and her process provided for me!”

Ellen Rist, Event & Promotion Production