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Brand Specialization Consulting

Today we live in a world where empathy for our clients, precise focus, and supertight specialization isn’t just noteworthy. It’s mandatory.

The world isn’t going to get less specialized. It’s going to get more so.

Your clients are going to have more and more choices for how to spend their money. Why will they choose you? Why is your offer unlike any other offer they could consider? How will you compel them, not sell them?

Finding the inspiration and the discipline to specialize is the first step to success. It takes both. Like many entrepreneurs, you may be caught in the powerful temptation to appeal to many different groups of people. This is normal. But deadly.

The next step is crucial. Everything hangs on it. It’s identifying the particular people for whom your offer means the difference between a life of surviving (on some level) and a life of thriving. It’s finding the people who are willing and able and need your help (and specifically your help) so bad they are very happy to pay.

Then we want to find the most compelling framework to articulate your remarkable solution in a way that your people can get it and get it quickly. Do this right, “get their world,” and these people, your ideal people, will turn their heads like little meerkats when they hear your call.


Say what?
Now, you’ve become a clear, powerful Brand Promise.

And the good news is, it’s easier than you think.

Depending on the current status, number of offers, alignment/number of team members, and big juicy vision for your business, it will take between six to ten sessions to define and refine your brand in a way that will speak powerfully to your ideal audience, clients, or customers. At the end of our work together, you will have:



A new, highly specialized focus for your ideal business.


An intimate understanding of your people, your clients, customers, or ambassadors.


A powerful empathy for how they see the world, and what they already know they need.


A compelling articulation that speaks to these particular people so they know they’ve got to have your help.

Distinct Flavor

A crisp distinction in your “flavor,” the values and personality of your business and your current expression of these vital elements in the marketplace.

Know your competition

An overview of your competitors and why you are like them and why you are not (HUGE!).

Mission & Vision

A mission and vision statement that actually work for you, your team, and your tribe every day.

Brand Promise

A Brand Promise that naturally compels you and your people to connect and serve the world with courage and clarity, and that compels your clients to come running after you.
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