Today, It’s Your Turn to Become the Ridiculously Lucky Person with the Unfair Advantage in Business.

 (Effortlessly Closing Ideal Clients Who Are Happy to Pay What You’re Really Worth!)
 Greetings, Mission Minded Entrepreneur,

 Whatever you’re doing right this minute, I’d like you to picture yourself living a very different day just 4 weeks from now: a day where you’re meeting, connecting, and getting paid by the very best clients your business truly deserves.  

 ➤You’ll spend this day 

  • meeting with the perfect prospective clients who are looking for someone exactly like you to help them create magnificent breakthroughs.  
  • speaking to incredible people who not only have the money to pay for your service, they demonstrate theeager to pay” mindset that comes from their experience.  They are sophisticated enough to “get” the value of what you do immediately.
  • enjoying the clarity, joy, and focus that comes from being where you truly belong, with the people you most admire, enjoy, and got into business to serve.
  • empowered by a deep sense of wonder, gratitude, and peace, because you’ve finally found the right medium, the right community, the right network for your message of hope.   

Sounds pretty good, right? Right!  But boy oh boy! Have you heard these “too good to be true” promises before?  Of course you have. 

If you’re like many high-performing experts, this delightful day might seem like an impossible dream.   And this promise like just one more “Amazing!” “Game-Changing!” business idea you’ve heard before.

 After all, all things considered, you and your business are doing pretty well.  You’ve learned a lot and you’re getting better at the business side of things all the time. 

But still. . . On some level. . . 

🠊 you may have resigned yourself to a typical day where you work way too hard for still too little money, or way too much for people who don’t exactly get the true value of your work. 

🠊 you have to spend way too much of your valuable time “connecting” with people who aren’t truly the best fit for your offer – either they don’t quite have the money, or the mindset, or the power to make decisions. 

I really, really get it, because I have absolutely had days like this.  Days that turned into weeks, months, and I’m ashamed to admit, YEARS.

Until, Holy Crap, everything changed for me.  Due to the “Boring Older Brother” of Social Media: LinkedIN.

Can a Humble Local Expert Ever Become a Household Name?

I’m thinking back to that late summer day almost a year ago.  Here I am, once again, laptop in lap. With that familiar feeling of Hope and Anxiety about my digital marketing efforts (Anx-hope-ity? Can that be a new word?).

I was busy, busy, busy building my digital presence, following the recommendations of the gurus:

  • Giving before getting!
  • Providing value before selling!
  • Targeting my tribe!

You know the drill.  

Once again, underneath that busy, there’s that underlying feeling that despite everything I’ve learned, I may still be wasting my time, spinning my wheels.  

And then.  An unexpected phone call.  From a friend and local business colleague who makes her money as a social media trends expert.  

She asked for me to take a quick look at her latest offer from a brand expert’s perspective (I’m a brand specialization consultant) and then she said the words that changed my life.

“Supertight Brand? Your expertise is really for a more sophisticated professional client – it’s not just for any ‘yahoo’ on Facebook who’s got a new business.  You should really be on LinkedIn.  That’s where your people are.”  

Back When I Was a LinkedIn Virgin, Kinda.

LInkedIn?  Sure, I’m on LinkedIn.  Had a profile since 2009, like so many professional people, because I’m “supposed” to have a profile.  But I had no real idea of how to use Linkedin to get clients, to build my brand, to demonstrate my value to a certain kind of client.  

But I was about to learn.   

Much, much faster than I had expected,

The short story?

I was shocked by the massive jumps in income and influence from just 30 days of using the New LInkedIn.

I’ve been coaching and training ambitious intentional entrepreneurs for years.  And I enjoyed a modest but solid reputation as the brand consultant who could help these experts make more money by targeting and building a brand for better clients.   

But once I started using the new LInkedIn to target a higher level of client for myself, I couldn’t believe the traction and speed:  

 In 30 Days?  Here’s The Results That Left Me Breathless.

    Booking 10K of new business in a single week.  From “cold” LInkedIn connections. 
   ⮞ Adding 2500 amazingly targeted ideal prospects to my network – all ambitious coaches, consultants, therapists and experts –               the kind of people I love to work with.
   ⮞ Meeting all kinds of brilliant, kind, generous people from around the globe with businesses that work in perfect tandem with             mine – and becoming referral sources for each other’s work.
   ⮞ Scheduling 5-10 zoom meetings with great prospects or powerful collaborators each and every week. 
   ⮞ Closing with at least one great client per week, with no effort at “selling.”

Great, Ellen, Super Happy for You!  So How Did You Do It? 

My digital platform partner Mark Fewsmith and I redesigned my personal profile for “social selling optimization,” guided by watching hours of “how-to” videos on the new LinkedIn Learning service and studying the systems of other top LinkedIn experts.   

We started by thinking about our ideal clients, and what’s happening in their minds right now, at this point in time. 

This is where we always start when we work with our own clients.   
-> All brand work starts with “The Who.”  Nothing is more important for your brand and your business than defining your perfect client. 

(As fabled marketing genius Dan Kennedy puts it,  “The Who is the Most Important Thing You’ll Do.” ) 

Our best clients are 6-7 figure coaches, consultants, and therapists – successful thought leaders who are now working on creating their “next level” offer.  

So we designed and built my LinkedIn profile & profile summary for them.  We planned our targeting and messaging for them.   

➤The results were staggering – in two weeks we added 2500 high performing coaches, consultants, and therapists:  experts who were already successful but looking for “more,” looking for that next level of success. .   

Once we changed my profile to speak to this very specific kind of client, and learned how to send the right kind of “invitation to connect” that demonstrated how I could help this person, all kinds of people who had never heard of me or us were willing to connect.

Chances are good that your LinkedIn Strategy, like mine, could use an upgrade so that it sells for you 24 hours a day. Imagine: 

  • Increasing both the quality and quantity of your connections  automatically, making for a truly powerful network.
  • Building a tight, targeted list of ideal prospects who are interested in what you have to offer and have the money and mindset chops to back it up.
  • Gaining the respect, attention, and support of other top experts in your industry, and being credited as an authority by those people.
  • Attracting media, podcast, livestream, and speaking opportunities that further boost your brand among the people who care about your topic.
    Finding it Hard to Believe That All This Action is Happening on Today’s LinkedIn? The Facts & Stats Speak for Themselves. 

LinkedIn has a perfect Moz Domain Authority of 100.  Why This Score Matters: 

If you’re not familiar with Moz’s Domain Authority, it’s the score a website gets out of 100 to reflect how a search engine ranks them. LinkedIn has a perfect 100, which pretty much means Google loves them. The benefit for you as a B2B marketer and content creator is that every article you publish on LinkedIn is indexed and will show up in Google searches, with that domain authority giving you the best over other native content ranking for the same keywords. 

Why WE love LinkedIn:  Because the Gold Rush is RIGHT NOW. 

I spend about an hour a day on LinkedIn because it’s so incredibly profitable.   

Because my clients are ambitious, generous, genius professionals – small business owners – they are most definitely on LinkedIn. 

And LinkedIn is the ONLY place on social media that I can get a good look under the hood (evaluate/qualify the prospect based on THEIR profile!)  BEFORE deciding to have a conversation. 

While many coaches, consultants, and therapists have a LinkedIn profile (because as a business professional, they “should”), only a small percentage are taking any advantage of the new strategies that allow us to transform LinkedIn from a CV billboard (an online resume) to a powerful tool for getting amazing clients. 

In fact, out of 500 million professionals on LinkedIn, only 3 million are using the platform actively (Foundation 

80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn, and fully 79% of B2B marketers say that Linkedin has been the MOST effective avenue for lead generation. (Inc Magazine) 

What are the Top Experts in Your Field Doing? They’re Using LinkedIn Right Now. And taking advantage of the fact that so many thought leaders don’t really know how to use it effectively (YET). 

Watching the current gurus of the only social media network designed exclusively for professionals, we see those at the top level changing certain aspects of their profile summary and posting behavior almost every day.   

  • They are using LInkedIn as a dynamic practice model to test best practices in targeting, messaging, and engagement.  
  • They are shifting subtle aspects of their headline frequently as they figure out what works to connect and endear them to their prospective best audiences.  
  • *And meanwhile, every day, they are adding, adding, adding the best people to their networks.  

➤ “In the era of social selling, 57% of the decision to work with you has been made from your digital presence, before they contact you. Yet most professionals are using LinkedIn as a billboard rather than as a tool.”  Bert Verdonck 

🠞 Wait.  LinkedIn? Really?

If your impression of LInkedIn is anything like mine was 6 months ago, you might be thinking:  “LinkedIn? The moldy older uncle of cool social media? It’s mostly for people looking for jobs, right?” 

Wrong. No.  Your boring older uncle has changed. He’s actually got hookups with the best network in town – the people who are going to change your life beyond recognition. 

LinkedIn takes advantage of the language of social selling by calling it your network. 

In other words, we might not care too much about who’s on the other end of an ad, but we have a built-in tendency to care about people in OUR network.  Because they’re ours. 

Why We Created This Class and Why it Matters RIGHT NOW. 

As we looked around the LinkedIn marketplace to help our clients replicate this success, there seemed to be two major ways to get the training we all need to use the new LinkedIn of 2019.  

And most of that training is costly in terms of our most valuable resources, money and time.   

Our clients basically had two choices to get up to speed on LinkedIn: 
A) Spend 30-40 hours a week with the free LinkedIn Learning modules that are part of that premium membership (relatively cheap but a huge time commitment)


B) pay $3000-15,000 to train with a top expert, or to hire a DFY LinkedIn business growth partner – a different kind of major investment.  Yowza. 

→ As is the case with most uplevels in life, we’re going to pay, one way or another. 

But meanwhile, while we try to figure out our best options, the most important factor for mastering the new LinkedIn for maximum advantage -TIME! –  is ticking away.  

That window of leading-edge advantage is closing just a teeny little bit every single day, as more professionals will be jumping on LinkedIn and learning its secrets.  

As Miles Davis famously said, “timing isn’t the main thing, it’s the only thing.”

  • I’ve helped many of my personal clients -business owners and entrepreneurs just like you – learn to use LinkedIn to make incredible changes in the way they spend their day and the amounts of money flowing in their accounts.  And I’d love to teach you how to do it, too. .


All the Skills You’ll Need to Turn Your Best-Ever Prospects Into PERFECT Clients

In this recorded class, we’ll give you the full rundown of the essential elements you’ll need to craft a dynamic brand presence and build truly powerful relationships on the 2019 version of LinkedIn:

 A Client Facing Profile (a story that speaks to the heart of your specific ideal client’s pain  and the power of your of your remarkable solution)

Targeting/Connecting (Discover your best potential clients, ambassadors, and influencers, including how to separate the wheat from the chaff)

Contagious Messaging That Builds Curiosity, Alliances, and Real Friendships (with zero douchey sales behavior)

Cultivating VALUABLE Connections (the skills that turn your best connections into incredible clients).

Content Creation, Engagement, and Sharing to Maximize Your Network’s True Power (It’s called Your network for a reason!)The Pathway to “Big Idea” Thought Leadership (The leadership you know is your true design and essential purpose in life)

Recorded Interactive ClassWith Coaches, Consultants, & Therapists Like You Asking Their Questions.

  • 2 two hour classes, 4 hours of total class time:  we’ll cover the four essential elements to optimize your results on LinkedIn (Profile, Targeting, Messaging, and Posting).

  • 2 PDF’s Get Supertight on the New LinkedIn: review of all the major points for quick referral.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee:  No Problem, No Questions Asked.

We’re not saying that all you have to do is buy our course and all this lucrative LinkedIn Awesomeness is going to happen by magic.

Obviously, you’re going to have to take action on what you learn, and take action consistently. 

However, you are free to return the course for a 100% full refund at any time within 30 Days.  This means that you could get potentially get all the training and still get your money back.

(I might be a little sad, but I won’t take it personally!)

 If for any reason you change your mind within 30 days of purchase, all you need to do is let us know – and get your money back without any hassle, or any need to explain.

PS:   “But Wait!  That’s Not All You’ll Get!”

 The number one reason that 4 out of 5 service businesses ultimately fail?  Lack of focus. 

The single factor that makes the biggest difference in focus?  Choosing your ideal client, and then continuing to prioritize that person.   

(Turns out there’s a huge difference between selling your offer to those who have the money and mindset to pay, and those who do not). 

That’s why we’re including our Supertight Brand Dream Client Evaluator:  our unique patent-pending system to help you evaluate your potential avatars from the four most essential criteria – the qualities that make high profitable (and enjoyable!) clients.   

The Supertight Brand Dream Client Evaluator is valued at $297.  It’s our gift to you with this purchase because your powerful LInkedIn presence depends on your ability to target the best kind of people for your offer. 

Because the ultimate purpose of your  LInkedIn Presence is to influence the behavior of the  person who is reading it, the most important thing you can do is choose the very best ideal client as your intended prospect..  

We find that the pickier you get about that ideal client, the more easily you’ll make the jump from beloved local expert to “household name” (with a certain kind of household!)

PPS:  Strange But True: you don’t even need a website to get started making money with LinkedIn! 

This is great news for those of you who are newer business owners, or whose websites (cough!) could really use a facelift.

The truth is that you don’t even need a website to create and grow your presence to make money. There are people who will take you at your LInkedIn word, and be happy to do so.

With the right design and the right daily actions, your  LinkedIn network can become the most valuable asset in the life of your brand. . 

Are you ready to get super charged, super effective, and Supertight on the 2019 version of LInkedIn?